Lego Minifigure Design Challenge

Students who attend Villanova STEM feeder schools were given an opportunity to design a button for the 2023 FRC season! We received almost 300 submissions from dedicated students who wanted to share their designs for a potential button. Along with the design contest, each sheet asked the students the question: "What do you think you can learn from building with Legos?" The students were challenged to really think deep about the simple, yet expansive, building block toy. The papers also had valuable information about this year's season and introduced the students to the concepts of STEM. The winner of the challenge received a certificate congratulating them for winning the challenge. Buttons were made of their design for everyone in their class. Buttons were also made and distributed to every team that the Wiredcats competed against during their competitions throughout the season. We hope that involving students in our team outreach will encourage them to think about the world of STEM as they get older.