Our Robots


Phantom was our robot from the 2024 FRC season: Crescendo. In this competition, teams worked together to shoot foam rings, called notes, into scoring zones, known as speakers and amps. In the endgame, the robot was expected to climb on the stage, an area in the middle of the field that had chains. The robots were challenged to elevate themselves off of the ground via the chains, and a human player was given an opportunity to throw a note onto a pole atop the stage, known as the microphone, for extra points.

Our team competed very well during this season, thanks to our newly implemented swerve drive, a dual cycloidal system that allowed for better management of notes, and very high scoring potential. As the season is still ongoing, the Wiredcats continue to believe in themselves and are prepared to take their robot to the provincials and worlds competitions!

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2023: PROTON

Proton was our robot from the 2023 robotics season: Charged Up. In the competition, alliances work together to place inflatable cubes and pylons into their alliance's grid. The final stage of the competition required the robots to park on the charging station while staying level, as the charging station would tilt back and forth as robots went up and down.

Our team excelled in this competition, as we fought our way all the way to provincials thanks to our success at our regional events. We won the Team Spirit Award at the Georgian Event along with being finalists at the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event and winning the Creativity Award. 

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2020: PORG

Porg was the robot from our robotics 2020 season. In the Infinite Recharge competition, the objective of the game was to shoot a ball into a tall goal as well as spin a wheel to make a match with a color sensor on the field. The final stage of the competition involved climbing a tilting bar and balancing with other robots to score points. 

Due to COVID impacting our competition season, we were only able to compete in one competition. Our team made it to the quarterfinals of the Durham College event and was awarded Industrial Design Award. 

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Polaris was our robot from the 2019 robotics season, Destination: Deep Space. The competition involved having robots pick up large rubber balls and disks and depositing them into the teams cargo bay to score points, and ending the game with climbing onto three different platforms. Polaris was able to deposit the disks onto the cargo bays, and climb to the highest platform, with an extra ability to flip on its side to make room for another team, allowing us to score additional points. 

After working tirelessly all build season long, our team competed in two district events, the Windsor Essex Great Lakes event and the  Durham College event. During these events we earned District Engineering Inspiration Award and the Innovation in Control Award  respectively. We progressed to the provincial competition winning the Judge's Award and placing 12th overall. 

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2018: PIXEL

Pixel was our robot from our 2018 robotics season. This year's competition involved having robots pick up milk crates and depositing them onto a scale to tip in your favour, and ending the game with climbing onto a bar. Our team worked efficiently at our events and our team's professionalism and efforts garnered us to win the Judges' award.

"Pixel" was one of the few robots during this season to have a scissor lift design used to shoot crates and climb, which made us incredibly unique compared to other teams. Our efforts landed us at rank 16 at the Windsor District Competition, and at the London District Event, we became district event winners for the first time in our team's history. We ended this season at our provincial competition where we were placed at rank 25.

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2017: PEDRO

This was the robot from our robotics 2017 season. In the Steamworks competition, we produced a robot that consistently delivered gears to the Airship and efficiently climbed to the touch pad. Our team worked long nights and collaborated extensively to make something we are very proud of. Our unique copper design earned us the Imagery Award and the Excellence in Engineering Award.   


"Pedro" is a highly efficient machine, placing us 4th at the Barrie District Competition where we advanced to the quarter-finals.  The following weekend at the Windsor District Competition we finished 7th again advancing to the quarter-finals.  These two competitions qualified us for the Ontario District Championship where we placed 12th after qualifying and a final position of 30th, enough to move us onto Worlds in St. Louis.  

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This was the robot from our robotics 2016 season. This was our entry for the Stronghold competition. Our team worked hard to create this finished project. This robot was able to efficiently navigate the multiple barricades and deliver balls to the lower portal in the tower.

"Patches" competed at the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional competition where we finished 13th after qualifying.  We did not make it into the final rounds of competition.  However, we were awarded the Rookie All-star Award which allowed us to compete at Worlds in St. Louis.  We played on the Newton field and had a great time meeting teams from other countries. 


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