Villanova Wiredcats

About Us

We are FIRST Robotics Competition team 5885, the Villanova Wiredcats. We are a team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who are proficient in constructing a robot. Robotics is not only a science but also a design, construction, problem-solving, and applications of robots. However, a definition that can be found in the Oxford English dictionary cannot fully define the magic of this program.

Robotics is, as we like to think of it, the science where dreams come true; the Robotics program improves students' confidence, team building, and expands career choices. Their passion is amplified in a program far from sports and other activities that encourages all age groups, genders, and interests to come together, where everyone is considered equal from mentors to students. Students learn real-life skills, problem-solving, and how to tackle objectives by thinking inside and outside the box.  

This opportunity is far from just a competition, but a shaping of character, collaboration, and expansion of knowledge This just proves how powerful the study of science, engineering, and robotics has been to what we have set out to prove. 

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Team Calendar

Alex Drazilov (2016)

Erica Rossi (2018) 

Damian Rice (2020)

Michael Dunne (2023)

Celeste Deschamps (2024)