This was the robot from our robotics 2015- 2016 team. This was our entry for the Stronghold competition. Our team worked hard to create this finished project. This robot was able to efficiently navigate the multiple barricades and deliver balls to the lower portal in the tower.

This was the robot from our robotics 2016-2017 team. In the Steamworks competition we produced a robot that consistently delivered gears to the Airship and efficiently climbed to the touch pad. Our team worked long nights and collaborated extensively to make something we are very proud of. Our unique copper design earned us the Imagery Award and the Excellence in Engineering Award.   

"Pedro" is a highly efficient machine, placing us 4th at the Barrie District Competition where we advanced to the quarter-finals.  The following weekend at the Windsor District Competition we finished 7th again advancing to the quarter-finals.  These two competitions qualified us for the Ontario District Championship where we placed 12th after qualifying and a final position of 30th, enough to move us onto Worlds in St. Louis.  

Check out how we ranked in the FIRST World Championship




"Patches" competed at the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional competition where we finished 13th after qualifying.  We did not make it into the final rounds of competition.  However, we were awarded the Rookie All-star Award which allowed us to compete at Worlds in St. Louis.  We played on the Newton field and had a great time meeting teams from other countries.  


2016-2017 ROBOT: PEDRO

​​2015-2016 ROBOT: PATCHES