Programming Team


The mechanical team is the hands-on portion of the robotics team. Unlike programming and business, we are working directly with the robots, and our task begins right when the six-week build period starts. Once we are given the kick-off kit, our job starts. A basic robot is to be assembled, and we are to build a machine that can drive forward and backward. After the task is assigned, it will then be easier to modify the robot. During our build time, which is roughly one week, many hours will be put into the assembly of the robot. The mechanical team will be working at full speeds in order to create a mechanism that can put up a fight in the First Robotics Competitions. Our team is first through the door at First, and we hope to succeed upon our arrival.

The electrical team is in charge of ensuring that communication between the programming team and the mechanical team is effective. They take of wiring the robot in a way that is safe and organized. So that any member of the team can access integral parts of the such as the battery, the rio, and the router. They are detail oriented with a keen eye for loose connections and accessibility. Without the electrical team, the robot is just a frame of parts with a non-working brain.


Electrical Team

Mechanical Team

Business Team

The business team of the Wiredcats, team 5885, can be described as the committee of organizers and public relations specialists which help the team function daily. The members of the business team work tirelessly for success in the realm of organization and on-the-ground planning for the entirety of the robotics team. We are capable of a great many feats when we put ourselves to work. Our many departments of expertise including public relations, record-keeping, fund-raising, and promotion of not only team 5885, but the entire FIRST network, including their desire, which we share, to promote STEM (Science, Technology,  Engineering, and Mathematics) to all young people. At the centre of our efforts is how we will do this. We have a specific plan to support and cultivate the desire in students to enter a field included or related to STEM after they leave high school, and we will aspire to achieve nothing less than excellence in this goal, as well as all of our other goals in our plan.

Design Team

The design team is the creative and mechanically oriented minds of the Villanova

Wiredcats, collectively coming up with ideas and ways and collaborating as a team to utilize our resources and mindful capabilities in the best ways possible. Using a CAD based program, the design team is tasked with designing and digitally testing a series of mechanical components brainstormed to fit the needs of the robot, and narrow them down to specific targeted and precise tasks. Organizing potential schematics from hundreds of similar or like minded ideas may prove most challenging, but with the collective brainpower of the design team no task is impossible.


Our programming team is the mind of the robot. We develop the instructions for the robot. As the CAD team designs the robot, the programming team makes the design come to life. As the design of the robot develops, we grow and develop alongside it. When tweaks are made to the robot, the changes may be as little as adding a few things opposed to starting from scratch for the programmers. Communication between the computer via controller is where we also come into play. The programming team writes the code to connect our controllers to the computer. The programming team is the mind of the robot by developing intricate instructions which is what makes this team so special!