Our team is based in LaSalle, ON, with the FIRST Robotics Competition. We are a team of highly capable individuals who are capable of not only constructing a robot, but other complex problem-solving. Robotics, if one were to define the word, is the science of the design, construction, and applications of robots or robot-like units to complete various tasks. However, a definition that can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary cannot fully define the concept.

Robotics is, as we like to think of it, the science where dreams come true; it is a field of STEM which involves hands-on construction and design of systems and components to perform simple or complex tasks that people in the past would never even considered possible. For instance, when the first radio was patented in 1912, the world thought that it would be the greatest revolution of modern technology. Now, in the 21st Century, where we have multiple operational robots in outer space, people of the past would have thought we were gods.

This revolutionary way of thinking is what inspires and shapes generations to come to change society and advances in technology. Not only is this a building block to advances but shapes students choices in careers, their confidence and social skills. Their passion is emplified in a program far from sports and other activities that encourages all age groups, genders and interests to combine together. This program is also important in the promotion of females in the workplace that men are generally stereotyped under. Female students break boundaries and create technological advances that they normally are not familiar with and spark new interests like engineering. 

This opportunity is far from a competition but a shaping of character, collaboration and expanding knowledge from valuable resources. This just proves how powerful the study of science, engineering, and robotics has been what we have set out to prove.